Bootcamps Australia Workout – Which One is Right for You?


Lots of people are at wit’s end when it comes to losing weight. You probably have tried various routine exercises and abided with calorie counting, yet you find that you’re still nowhere near your desired chiseled abs and legs. In any case when the weighing scale seems to be stuck and wouldn’t budge in the same number time and time again, perhaps, it is best that you try a different exercise program like the bootcamps Australia workout.

Unlike regular exercises, Australia bootcamps workout is a scientific training program. Generally, it is a mapped-out routine which includes an intense cycle of cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and agility exercises. You are likely to join a group of anywhere from 15 to 30 people. But there are some small groups of 12 or less which you can join in, as well. Most programs last for four to six weeks - just enough time for you to have that bikini body prior to a very special event.

The bootcamps Australia workout is fairly intense when compared with the traditional workouts. Because of this, it is very important that you are up to the challenge. Keep in mind that this program is modeled after the military-style drills. The exercises are extremely rigorous and challenging with no room for slacking since you’ll have little or no rest periods in between. Be informed also that it rarely uses special equipment since it mostly utilizes your own body as a resistance machine.

Nowadays, there are countless fitness Australia bootcamps that you will find. Before enlisting, it is very important that you recognize your needs and know which style you prefer so that you can stick to the program more successfully. Below we have rounded up several types of this workout for you to choose from.

1-bullet Indoor/Gym – In this type, you get twice the results of traditional weight training and cardio workouts in the gym in half the time. The beauty about this program is that your class is held inside the studio which means you need not worry about running in the rain or have the rising temperatures hindering your workout performance. You can also make use of several gym equipment and machines like treadmills and dumbbells for you to have a full-hour of non-stop exercises.
1-bullet Outdoor Type – Doing your fitness program in the outdoors spells a lot of fun. Usually, the routines are done very early so you get to enjoy the fresh morning air and the beautiful sunrise while you perform your intensified workouts. Since you are exercising outside, you get to utilize the terrain to create a high-spirited session that is sure to be different every time you venture out. Additionally, the fees will be a lot less affordable for you since the coach doesn’t need to rent an air-conditioned studio.
1-bullet Aquatic – If you think that intense workouts can only be done on solid ground, well you’re wrong. Aquatic programs are also available. In this workout, you’ll feel as if you’re a navy seal in training. You will have an ultimate body-toning water workout which helps to improve your stamina and strength. What’s amazing about this is that the aquatic exercises are super joint-friendly.
1-bullet Athletic/ Sports – This type is designed for individuals or teams who are focused on playing a specific type of sport. If you are playing basketball or football, you will find that there are fitness camps that are tailored to meet the demands of your chosen field. In some, the program is designed to meet martial arts training. Since the participants are athletic, expect to encounter a high-energy hardcore routine.
1-bullet Low Impact – Many people often come to the erroneous conclusion that Australia bootcamps are all about high-impact exercises, but a low impact routine can also be designed. This type helps beginners, seniors and obese individuals to burn calories and lose weight in a safe manner. It is also ideal for pregnant women and for individuals who are recovering after an injury. Low impact workouts can also be made intense with a few tweaks and modifications and they can render noticeable results in the same way as high impact routines do. Examples of this include yoga and Pilates fitness camps.

Knowing the different types of Australian bootcamps that are available around, which do you think is the right one for you?

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