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Hello and welcome,

My name is Dan Clay and I'm the founder and owner of Dangerously Fit.

For the last 11 years Dangerously Fit has transformed thousands of people with a simple no-nonsense approach to diet and short high intensity workouts that work in the real world.

I've been featured on national T.V, Radio and have been featured in dozens of local and national magazines, recently I was voted in the top 100 of all time most influential personal trainers in the world by industry peers.

As the owner of Dangerously Fit, I would like to introduce you to our trainers. I have hand selected the best fitness instructors in Sydney to help you reach your fitness goals. You see, getting the right information is vital to making the right decision, so without further ado here are your Dangerously Fit trainers.


Helen has been working as a motivational and leadership coach in the corporate world for over 5 years. Her keen interest in developing people led her to complete her fitness training certificates, where she felt her coaching skills would have the most impact on changing peoples lives.

Helen joined Dangerously Fit in March 2011 as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, and has recently took the role of P.T manager. She's also a qualified kids fitness and nutrition coach as she believes a healthy and active lifestyle should start from a young age.

Helen loves being in the outdoors, kayaking, bushwalking and will try any adventure sports. She also loves to cook and host dinner parties.


Ronan first began his fitness career back in the 90's when he completed his first weight lifting certificate at just age 13.

Since then he has played and coached rugby union and still currently plays for Waverley.

He decided to get back into the fitness industry after a series of injuries which meant he wasn't able to train. Like many people working a regular day job, inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle led to weight gain.

Having coached and training hard before the injuries Ronan knew the benefits of fitness. So he completed his P.T qualifications in 2010, got back in shape and now wants to share his knowledge with others.

Ronan likes live music, cooking and nutrition, weight training, rugby, travel and education.


Shaun has been in the fitness industry since 2008, working in all kinds of gyms as well as outdoor training. Shaun has extensive experience with both one on one personal training and group training. He became a trainer to motivate and help people realize their potential and achieve goals which they are unable to achieve on their own.

Over the past 5 years, he has helped people change their body and lives in a positive way. A couple of achievements he is most proud of involve clients losing up to 45kgs a year and also another client losing 20kgs in 9 weeks.

Shaun has always had a strong interest in exercise and sport and throughout his life and has played many different sports and training. Currently he's doing Crossfit training, which is a mixture of olympic lifting, gymnastics and powerlifting.


As a kickboxer Saki has always been aware of the importance of good nutrition, training and living a healthy lifestyle. His passion for fitness motivated him to become a personal trainer so he could help others achieve their fitness goals and do more than they ever thought possible.

Saki's loves boxing, kickboxing and strength training.


Jake has been training all his life in many different styles including sports, Crossfit, martial arts and the military. He recently moved to Sydney after studying various styles of Kung-Fu in China for 2 years and serving the Australian Army Infantry for 4 years.

His previous experience in these areas have led him to have a wide area of expertise in training and different training approaches.

A big fan of explosive movements in a training session, he loves seeing people adopt a more powerful and focused approach (as well as excellent technique) in their exercise movements.

Despite his rather strict history in the field, he is a pretty easy-going guy who loves to have a joke around.


Although Robbie has played sports all his life, his main passion is boxing and oversees our advanced boxing classes where the focus is correct technique and boxing principles… whilst giving you a fun challenging workout.


Originally from Switzerland Emma came to Australia backpacking in 2009, after several months of indulgence she joined Dangerously Fit as a member to regain her old body.

In just 8 weeks Emma managed to lose the 13 kilos that she had gained and continued to train with Dangerously Fit for another 6 months.

Back into shape and feeling fitter, stronger and healthier than ever, she decided to go back to school and study to become a personal trainer so she could help others do the same.

Since becoming a trainer at Dangerously Fit she has been able to motivate many others to achieve their goals and has been an inspiration for our members.

Emma passions are golf, snowboarding and kettlebell training.


Kostya discovered yoga 10 years ago and started studying regularly. His practice has grown, and has taken him to many beautiful and interesting places, including to study in India and now Australia.

He has found yoga is a good way to refresh the body and keep it in good physical condition, as well as to help calm the mind and bring a lightness to it. Kostya is passionate about yoga and likes to share with people his love and experience of it.


Aaron got into training as a way of being able to help people who either felt they couldn't help themselves or needed that extra push.

Health and fitness have always been a big passion of his. This along with the desire to help people achieve their goals and potential has put him onto the path to personal training.

He has worked in a sporting environment since leaving University in 2009. It was during this time at university that he discovered hission passion for 1-on-1 and small group training, this led him to gaining his qualifications. Aaron went straight into PE teaching, educating children between the ages of 4 and 18. He moved to Australia in late 2010 to pursue a career in Personal Training.

Aaron has played representative rugby and cricket for Devon in the UK whilst at school. Although he has spent a long time in the gym training for these sports, he has always felt more comfortable in an outdoor strength and cardio environment.

I hope meeting the Dangerously Fit team helps you make an informed decision, we look forward to helping your achieve get your dream beach body.

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